Document Image Recognition

Currently we are working on improving the quality of low resolution degraded document images for better recognition and readability using deep learning techniques.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Building automatic speech recognition system using neural networks and finite state transducers to recognize Tamil utterances covering a large vocabulary.

Latest News

Prof. A G Ramakrishnan is an awardee of Alumni Award for Excellence in Research for Engineering, 2023 by IISc Council.Congratulations to Prof. AGR!!!

October 26, 2021

Prof. A G Ramakrishnan has been appointed as Associate Faculty of CNS. Congratulations to Prof. AGR!!!

October 26, 2021

MILE alumnus Dr. Prathosh A P offered faculty position in Dept. of ECE, IISc

Prof. AGR gave a talk on "Hard-coded Features in the Brain and its relevance for deep learning" at CHASCON-2020, Panjab University

December 19, 2020

Congratulations and Wishing a long and happy marriage, Dr. Kanishka Sharma


One paper "An Exploration of Log-Mel Spectrogram and MFCC Features for Alzheimer's Dementia Recognition from Spontaneous Speech" by Amit Meghanani, Anoop C S and Prof. A. G. Ramakrishnan has been accepted in IEEE Spoken Language Technology Workshop-2021

Global Connectome: An upcoming cross-cutting digital neuroscience event to learn, collaborate, and connect from the Society of Neuroscience. January 11-13, 2021

One paper "Pitch-synchronous discrete cosine transform features for speaker identification and verification" by Amit Meghanani and Prof. A. G. Ramakrishnan has been accepted in ICPRAM-2020

Six papers accepted in INDICON2020, Dec 11-13,2020. Congratulations to Madhav, Pradeep, Ritika, Ankur


M.Tech (Research) student Mr. Amit Meghanani successfully defended his Master's thesis on 17th April-2020

Mr. Anoop C S has cleared his PhD comprehensive exam successfully


Mr. Madhavaraj has successfully defended his thesis titled "Strategies to handle large vocabulary and data sparsity problems for Tamil speech recognition"


Prof AGR and Dr.Kanishka Sharma won the best paper award for "Redesign of the COVID-19 ICUs to save the Corona warriors" in IEEE HCT2020.


Two papers accepted in IEEE EMBC 2020

M.Tech (Research) student Mr. Amit Meghanani has joined Publicis Sapient as Senior Associate-Data Science