One paper accepted in ICONIP 2018

Two papers accepted in Interspeech 2018

One paper accepted in SPCOM 2018

April 11, 2018

Four papers accepted in INDICON 2017 at IIT Roorkee

October 23, 2017

Mr. Vijay Girish defended his thesis

September 25, 2017

Dr. Prathosh joined as an Assistant Professor in Dept of EE, IIT Delhi

August 28, 2017

Paper by Mr. Pandey is accepted for publication in the Sadhana journal

August 31, 2017

Karnataka Government appointed Prof. A G Ramakrishnan a member of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission

August 2, 2017

Dr. TVA and Dr. AGR’s paper is selected for a presentation at INTERSPEECH 2017 at Stockholm, Sweden

May 22, 2017

Vijay Girish submitted his Ph. D. thesis

April, 2017

Three papers accepted at INDICON 2016, Bangalore, Dec. 16-18, 2016

November 2, 2016

Dr. TVA and Dr. AGR’s paper is accepted for publication in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA)

October 27, 2016

Nazreen and Vijay Girish’s papers are accepted for presentation at INTERSPEECH 2016, San Fransico, USA, Sept. 8-12, 2016

June 10, 2016

Rijul Saurabh Soans, A G Ramakrishnan, V P Shenoy, Ramesh R Galigekere, "Classification of Bacterial Morphotypes from Images of ZN-stained Sputum-smears Towards Diagnosing Drug-resistant TB", Proc. SPCOM 2016, June 12-15, 2016

April 10, 2016

J. V. Satyanarayana’s paper is accepted for publication in Biomedical Signal processing and Control: "Reconstruction of EEG from limited channel acquisition using estimated signal correlation"

February 9, 2016

Times of India covers how MILE Lab's OCR and TTS are used to provide Kannada school books as .mp3 files to the blind students

January 17, 2016

Prof. A G Ramakrishnan and Mr. Shiva Kumar H R received the Manthan Award 2015 in the category e-education on Dec. 2 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. This award recognizes their developing good quality Kannada and Tamil TTS and integrating it with a screen reader to enable people with visual disability to read any text on the web/screen, effectively breaking their learning barrier

December 2, 2016

Prof. A.G. Ramakrishnan takes charge as the Chairman of the Department of EE

April 22, 2016